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Lord of the rings pick up lines

2013-08-27 10:06:11 
  • I'll take your Hobbit to my Isengard.
  • Your beauty has pierced my heart like a Morgul Blade.
  • I last longer than Boromir.
  • I wanna go inside your hobbit hole.
  • Hey baby, wanna blow my Horn of Gondor?
  • I'd like to have an Inn at your prancing pony.
  • Are you an Orc? 'Cause baby, you're making my Sting glow.
  • Baby, I'll make you scream like the Nazgul.
  • Are you the ring? 'Cause I've got my eye on you.
  • The fires of Mount Doom aren't nearly as hot as you are.
  • I'll put a ring on it!
  • I erupt like Mount Doom for you, baby!
  • Girl, you're like a Balrog - smokin' hot!

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